Product Features

Value for Remote Office Workers
Workers are provided with feedback about their sitting positions and encouraged to stretch and be active throughout the day. 

Value for Employers / Safety Professionals 
Employers and OHS Professionals can remotely collect posture data from workers over long periods of time to identify the need for ergonomic workstation reviews and prevent musculoskeletal injury. 

Slouch Alerts

Increased slouching is an indication of incorrect workstation ergonomics, so frequent alerts are followed by an ergonomics self-assessment tool. 

Stretch Alerts

Prolonged sitting and sustained postures increase risk of musculoskeletal discomfort, injury and health issues. Workers receive prompts to stretch.

Step Count

The number of daily steps provides a great indication of activity level (similar to fitness apps). Movement is encouraged to increase overall wellness.

Team Challenges

Engagement is driven through a connection with professional sport, gamification and rewards. Supervisors have access to leaderboards. 

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What does it cost? 

From as little as $2 per worker per month and pilot programs for just $1,890+gst, the days of cost being a barrier to wearable technology adoption are over. 
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